The Bash Favs Tour Information Guide

The Bash Favs Tour Information Guide

What is the Bash Favs Tour? Why is Bash doing this? What the hell is a “Bash Fav“? 

These are all great questions that I will answer below and give other information about these evaluation clinics I will be running starting next month.

The Origin of Bash Favs

Last spring was when the initial ” Bash Favs” list was released. I felt like not enough emphasis was put on players who did things on the court that translated to winning that wasn’t necessarily indicated on the box score. So I started compiling a list of my favorite players who, for example, made the correct defensive rotation, were physical on box outs, understood floor spacing, etc. I would obviously include the stat stuffers, but the Bash Favs list gave the audience more of a feel about who played a role in their team having the success that night. So what is the “Bash Favs Tour“?

What is the Bash Favs Tour?

With spring right around the corner, I wanted to do something that was beneficial for the athletes before we jump into all the traveling and the intense AAU basketball-filled weekends. I thought it would be a good idea to hold evaluation clinics in each New England state so I can get a good evaluation of prospects before everyone disperses to their AAU team. The hardest part of my job is trying to watch all the players from the area. No matter how many hours I spend in the gym, I always leave saying to myself, “man, I wish I saw this team/player.” With these evaluation clinics, I can watch players up close and examine their skill set closer than I would in a fast-paced AAU game. Most importantly, I can view more talent in each specific state.

The Purpose? 

So what is the overall purpose of these evaluation clinics? What am I trying to accomplish by doing these? 

  1. I want to give as many kids an opportunity to be seen. It is easy to do one big massive showcase event that includes kids from all over the Northeast, but that does not mean each kid can benefit from it and get evaluated. Traveling around the region gives kids a more of an opportunity to gain exposure on my platform without the hassle of traveling a long distance.
  2. I spend a lot of time talking to coaches at every college level. Through my conversations, I always pay attention to specific verbiage and language that insinuates what they look for in recruits. With that in mind, I can create a clinic agenda that helps develop skills that translate to the next level. The itinerary will be created by me and facilitated by premier trainers from the region. This will help me become more knowledgeable about a prospect’s strengths and weaknesses before spring ball starts.
  3. As we get closer to the events I will go into more detail about what to expect at each clinic.

Where Do These Evaluations Go? 

It would be a waste of everyone’s time if I didn’t create some kind of prospect database that showed the growth and development of the players. That said, this spring, I plan to launch the Bash Hoops Northeast Report Scouting Service for college coaches to see how players progress over time. The more data points, the better, so recording how a prospect is performing and developing and sharing it on a platform to coaches will help inform them about the talent landscape in the region. A weakness today could be a strength tomorrow, but we only know that if it is documented, and my hope is that these clinics can be a jumping-off point to help bridge the gap between the players and coaches. 

  • Note: I’m throwing a lot of information at you, but I will go into more detail about the scouting service later when we get closer to the launch. 

Clinic Dates

We kick off the Tour in Maine on February 26th and wrap up on March 18th in New Hampshire. Below is the full schedule.

A few other notes: 

  • The clinics are for athletes in the ’27 class and up.
  • Max capacity is 50, but there is a waiting list once the clinic fills up.

Registration link:

Do not hesitate to email me or DM me on Twitter or Instagram if there are any questions. Hope to see you this spring!