‘25 Club PYRAMID Update: The Sophomore “A List”

‘25 Club PYRAMID Update: The Sophomore “A List”

Finally, we can take a look at the ’25 class Pyramid update. I took some extra time with this updated list because there were a few prospects and matchups I wanted to watch first before publishing anything. I like observing and gaining as much knowledge as I can about players and teams to strengthen my evaluations and be as accurate as possible.

The bottom line is the class of 2025 is loaded and extremely top-heavy to the point where I had to alter the criteria and Tiers a little bit. I’ll explain later what changes were made in this class’s Pyramid compared to the ’23s and ’24s. As always, here are links to past articles explaining the Pyramid, why I use this method to evaluate players, and general information on how this list is formed.

What is the Pyramid?

Why is it called Club PYRAMID?

What changes have been made in the updated Pyramid compared to the Preseason Pyramid?

Here are the ‘23 and ‘24 lists in case you’re interested!

This list is not set in stone and changes by the week. I am doing a midseason update because so many players are contributing to their team at a high level. As the winter goes on, I will continue adding names so we can see the basketball landscape in the region and the talent level across the 6 states.

Before I show the Tier graphics, here are a few notes: 

  • The Pyramid went from 50 players to 101 in each class.
  • The players in each Tier graphic are listed in alphabetical order. They are not listed based on talent or level of play.
  • I decided to add a “Club Owner” to each class. In other words, I identified who right now is the top player in each class based on their play on the basketball court this season. 
  • In the case of player injuries, I kept them in their Preseason Tier instead of removing them and added players I felt were playing at that level. For example, if a player in Tier 2 is inactive, you’ll see 6 names instead of 5
  • As always, this list is based on what I have seen, so I am 100% I missed some players who are off to tremendous starts. DM’s are always open to anyone who wants to drop names and keep me updated on missed players.
  • In the graphics, the names in GREEN are prospects who moved up from their preseason Tier. The names in RED indicates a player is inactive at the moment.
  • That was not a typo in the first bullet. There are 101 names on this list. I added 1 extra name in Tier 2 based on how stacked the class is. Therefore there are 6 players in Tier 2 instead of 5, and the rest of the Tiers have the original number they started with, i.e., Tier 3= 7 prospects, Tier 4= 9 prospects, etc., just like in the ’23 and ’24 Pyramid. 

Tier 1

Tier 1 Notes
Club Owner:
Ava Black || Tabor || SG
As I expected, Black is the best player in ’25 thus far. She has done what was expected. Be the primary scoring option and two-way dynamic player on the best team in New England. Black has shown her versatility and impact on the court no matter who her opponent is. With Black playing at this level, Tabor will be hard to defeat come the postseason.

Just because Ava Black is the Club Pyramid Owner doesn’t mean someone else can’t sit on that throne. Christina Pham and Jasmyn Cooper have played at a Tier 1 level, and their only loss came in overtime against Tabor. Pham has proven to be one of the deadliest snipers in the region. Cooper’s decision-making in the halfcourt and clutch plays down the stretch of games have been crucial for Nobles this year.

Tier 2

Tier 2 Notes

This is where I had to make a slight tweak. The prospects in Tier 2 have all lived up to that expectation. They have had top 5 or borderline top 5 impact on their teams’ success. Because of that, I couldn’t remove any of them from Tier 2 but instead added 1 more member to the group.

Liv Rodrigues’ defense has been otherworldly in the first half of the season. As recently as Tabor’s game vs. Worcester Academy, she showed the ability to defend 1-5 and is one of the few players you can hear communicating. So until further notice in the ’25 class, Tier 2 will have 6 members. That is how elite the top 10 is.

Tier 3

Tier 3 Notes

Only a couple of additions to Tier 3, and Colleen Phiri is a player who continues to ascend. I can make a case for Phiri being Tier 2 with how she’s been playing. She’s been unstoppable in the paint, you have to double-team Phiri on the block, and she is a proficient shooter.

Brynn Bryant has been the best perimeter defender in the class and has done a number on some of the best players in NEPSAC. She moves the ball well, is a strong passer, and is a good decision-maker. She has found ways to help Dexter win without dominating the ball.

Tier 4

Tier 4 Notes

Tahlia Peña has been a significant factor to New Hampton being unbeaten this year. She is an excellent spot shooter, can defend both gaurd spots and can handle the ball in pressure situations. She will never be a player who will have gaudy numbers that jump out at you but the threat of her on the court has opened up scoring opportunities for others.

Kate Allard by the end of the season will move up a tier. I haven’t got out to a Bedford game yet but you look at the numbers she puts up and versatility at 6’2 to play inside/out makes her unique. I expect Bedford to make another run at a NHIAA championship run and Allard similar to last season will play a significant role in that.

Tier 5

Tier 5 Notes

After strong starts to the season, I added Bishop Feehan guard Charlotte Adams-Lopez and Loomis Chaffee center, Olivia Westfort to Tier 5.

Westfort has been a rebounding machine for Loomis providing toughness and physicality in the middle. On the offensive glass in particular she has been very good and works herself to the free-throw line.

Bishop Feehan has been one of the best teams in the MIAA and the ascension of Charlotte Adams- Lopez’s game has been a big reason why. She has been a consistent three-level scorer for heer team and I like that Adams-Lopez always attacks with purpose.

Tier 6 Notes

There has been a little shake-up at the bottom of the top 50 (or 51 in this case). Four new prospects entered Tier 6 following their solid starts to the year.

I’ve always liked Izzy Adams’ game; she is a tenacious competitor. She will rebound and defend hard and is a great distributor if the basketball. Walpole is off to an excellent start and is one of the MIAA’s best teams. After handing Bishop Feehan their first loss of the season, Walpole should be a team to watch the rest of the way.

Maddy Steel’s defensive versatility is something I have taken note of this year. When I watched her in late December, she was defending the post and doing a good job not letting the ball get inside easily. Paired with her lights-out shooting, the lefty shooting guard has provided good two-way value for Bishop Feehan.

I just watched Stella Criniti help her Lexington team beat Winchester the other night, and I love that she isn’t a one-trick pony point guard. Criniti is a scorer, but if her shot is not falling, she will find other ways to impact. She will attack the paint with a purpose, draw the D then locate a shooter. She never seems rattled by pressure and can elevate her in high-leverage situations.

Ryley Tate-Padian got my attention at Greens Farms Academy’s open gym back in September. She has good size and can score from all over the court. She has an array of finishing moves, and I think there is a lot of untapped offensive potential with Tate-Padian. I plan to check her out next Friday at Berkshire to see her up close this season for the first time.

Tier 7

Tier 8

Next in Line

Below are players who were on the cusp of making the Pyramid.