‘24 Club PYRAMID: Renovations Complete…For Now

‘24 Club PYRAMID: Renovations Complete…For Now

A few days ago, I posted my class of 2023 Club PYRAMID update.

I like this exercise because it is an easy way to keep everyone updated on the New England landscape and get a general feel of how the prospects are playing this season. Many players have had hot starts to the season, so the Pyramid is a way to recognize that.

To save time, I won’t go into detail about the Pyramid, but below are a few informative links from past posts explaining the concept and why I use it as an evaluating tool.

We are going to look at the ’24 class, and wow, what a talented group! Honestly, I struggled with this list to narrow it down to 100 because the depth of skilled players throughout New England is insane. Like the ’23 list, I have 100 players organized in 8 Tiers. At the end of the article, I will list a dozen+ prospects who didn’t make the cut but certainly are having a Top 100-type season. 

Again if I missed any names, please reach out and let me know. I am building my player database back up from scratch, so there is a good chance I missed a few names unintentionally. 

A few notes before I post the list: 

  • The Pyramid went from 50 players to 100 in each class.
  • The players in each Tier graphic are listed in alphabetical order. They are not listed based on talent or level of play.
  • I decided to add a “Club Owner” to each class. In other words, I identified who right now is the top player in each class based on their play on the basketball court this season. It isn’t about where they are committed, offers, etc. Everything about Club pyramid is directly related to what I have seen between the lines.
  • In case you missed the last article on the Pyramid earlier this week, I mentioned there had been a few unfortunate injuries to players in the Preseason Pyramid. Instead of removing them, I kept them in their Preseason Tier and added players I felt were playing at that level. For example, if a player in Tier 2 is inactive, you’ll see 6 names instead of 5
  • As always, this list is based on what I have seen, so I am 100% I missed some players who are off to tremendous starts. DM’s are always open to anyone who wants to drop names and keep me updated on missed players.
  • In the graphics, the names in green are prospects who moved up from their preseason Tier.

Let’s get started!

Tier 1 Notes:

Club Co-Owners?

I couldn’t decide between Tilton point guard Ahnay Adams or Putnam Science point guard Ines Goryanova for the Club Owner title. It is that close between the two prospects. Both are off to fast starts. Goryanova has been so good that she could be on the next ESPN Rankings when released. I watched Adams the other week at the Shooting Touch Showcase, and she averaged over 20 points that weekend and was as relentless as ever in attacking the rim.

Note: They go head-to-head on 1/20 @ Tilton so I know how I will be spending my Friday night!

Let’s not sleep on Grace Oliver, Nobles’ biggest scoring threat this season and one of their most consistent defenders. This whole Tier is the definition of high-level, and it’ll take Herculean performances from prospects outside of Tier 1 to knock them out.

Tier 2 Notes:

Who is on the Tier 1 cusp?

Remember in my Tier 1 notes when I said it would take a Herculean effort to knock the three prospects out of the top Tier? Well, enter NMH point guard Dani Ceseretti and Dexter point guard Orlagh Gormley into the conversation. If I could extend Tier 1 to 5 players, they would be in it. They have played exceptionally well for their teams, and I expect both to continue their strong p[lay this month.

Tier 3 Notes:

No changes to Tier 3, as I feel all 7 players have played as expected to start the season. The players in Tier 3 I consider as prospects who can have top 10 level impact on their teams so I feel good about this Tier having 0 changes.

Tier 4 Notes:

We do have a couple of changes in Tier 4!

I saw Ella Chandler of WMA play early in the season and think she is one of her class’s best facilitators and table setters. She was very impressive and has played all December consistently.

I’ve never seen St. George’s Mia Fiore play live until this winter, and the talent is through the roof. She is a player I can see moving up into Tier 3 by the next update. Her ability to create and make plays off the dribble is as good as any off-guard

I watched St. Luke’s G/F Kaya Weiskopf the other weekend at the Shooting Touch Showcase and loved the scoring punch she provides the team off the bench. She helped spark a huge 4th quarter comeback in a win against Rivers with her three-point shooting and should be a player to keep an eye on this month.

Tier 5 Notes:

A couple of changes to Tier 5.
Rice floor general Elyse MacDonough and Portsmouth G/F Avery Romps go from Tier 6 to Tier 5, which isn’t surprising to me. MacDonough should’ve been there to start when you look at her skill set and winning intangibles. Her being in Tier 6 was more about me misevaluating if anything (Oops!)

Avery Romps has a unique combination of size, skill, and versatility. She is a high-impact player on both sides of the ball and can play multiple positions for Portsmouth, including facilitating the offense.

Tier 6 Notes:

Tier 6 got interesting! Many players had breakout months for their teams and have been impressive to start.

Power forward/center Emily Collins of Winchester has been a double-double machine, posting absurd numbers all year. The Boston Globe has Winchester ranked #16 in the MIAA, and they are trending up, so watch out for that team. She has been nothing short of fantastic over the first month.

Janae Gomes of Winchendon has been a steady presence at the 1 for the team. Her passing has been what I’ve liked most about her game thus far. She moves the ball well and has given her teammates open scoring opportunities.

If you missed the Shooting Touch Tournament, I’ll fill you in on one of the more consistent performers from that weekend. Tilton forward Sophia LeGoullon was a reliable scorer, primarily from the three-point line. She had 13 points in both games that weekend which was a good sign for Tilton as they are still waiting for Ava Woodman to get to 100% health.

Mariana Padilla has been awesome for Dexter. Whether she comes off the bench or starts, she is producing and helping her team win games. Her playmaking, ball security, and purposeful attacks have taken some pressure off Orlagh Gormley and fortifies the Dexter backcourt.

Alanna Phillipo has been killing it this year, and as I mentioned in my piece on the Nickerson Tournament, she is doing it with her rebounding and defense. When you add that she can consistently score double figures, having her in this Tier was a no-brainer.

Next in Line

Like in the ‘23 class I wanted to shout out a handful of players who have been having good season’s and missed the to p100 cut by a hair. I cut this list at 15. But I could name another dozen or so who are the same caliber of prospect which shows how much depth this class has talent-wise.