Who’s Back: Episode II

Who’s Back: Episode II

Another week of basketball in the books! Last week there were dozens of “wow” performances across the Northeast, and this one was no different. I did my usual Twitter dive to find which prospects dominated the basketball scene. Who’s back?! Here is what I found.

Amani Abuhatab || West Haven || PG/SG|| ’23 || Mercy Commit
West Haven dominated 50-24 vs. Danbury, led by Abuhatab. The 5’6” guard put up power forward numbers posting 13 points and 22 rebounds in the win. This isn’t surprising. I’ve said for months that Abuhatab is one of the best rebounding guards in New England, and she proved that to be true Tuesday night with a monster double-double.

Molly Sisson || Bishop Stang ||6’3”|| C|| ’25
Bishop Stang gets into the win column, and Molly Sisson was a big reason why. The walking double-double posted a monster line of 23 points and 15 rebounds in a 4-point win over Ponaganset. One of the most physically imposing bigs in the MIAA should put up thee kind of numbers regularly.

Emily Collins || Winchester || 6’2”|| PF|| ’24
Winchester is 2-0. Emily Collins is averaging 20.5 points and 12 rebounds. She’s back! I watched Collins and Winchester a couple of times over the fall, and Collins was a force inside, so this start of the season isn’t surprising to me at all.

Sophie Bradbury || East Bridgewater || 5’8”|| PG/SG|| ’23
A near 30-point victory, and you drop 28 points? That is a good indicator that you’re back! Sophie Bradbury lights it up in her season debut vs. Stoughton. Her and senior forward Phoebe Katilus should be an entertaining duo to watch this winter. Both are capable of going for 20 on any given night.

Molly Donovan || St. George’s || 5’11”|| SG/SF|| ’25
Donovan had a breakout game vs. Brooks dropping 32 points in a win earlier in the week. I have been extremely high on Donovan all fall after watching her in St. George’s open gym, and I think this is only the beginning. If Donovan can continue to be a consistent big-time scoring threat for St. George’s, she can be a legitimate top-10 New England prospect in ’25. She is that good.

Eva Giannini || Watkinson || 5’6”||PG|| ’25
I stumbled on Giannini, dropping 22 points and 6 assists the other day. Get familiar with the name! Giannini can flat-out play! I remember watching her last year against MacDuffie, and she can score from all three levels and is one of the most tenacious on-ball defenders in the class.

Alana Andrews || Grace Church School|| 6’2”|| PF||’24
Andrews is off to a great start to the season. The nightly double-double threat netted her 1000th career point earlier in the week. Since first seeing her at Brown University’s Elite Camp over the summer, I have always been a huge fan of Andrews. She will consistently be a threat in the post and difficult to contain around the basket because Andrews is one of the better finishing bigs I have seen.

Lana McCarthy || Bedford ||6’4”|| C||’24
Kate Allard || Bedford || 6’2”|| PF || ’25

Get ready for these two to terrorize New Hampshire basketball for the rest of the winter. They combined for 39 points in Bedford’s season opener against Manchester Central, and I am not sure how you stop these forwards when they get going. McCarthy can pull down 10 boards in her sleep. Allard can mix it up on the inside and perimeter and is a matchup nightmare. It’ll be interesting to watch how teams defend this because this is as tall a glass of water that you’ll find in the state.

Casey Stores || Mount St. Charles || 5’7”|| SG|| ’26
I am not surprised by the freshman’s 17-point outburst in Mount St. Charles’ victory over Chariho the other night. I have seen a lot of growth in Stores’ offensive game, and she has added a few tools to the repertoire over the fall. I like seeing the hard work in the off-season transition to winter ball.

Kendall Eddy || Brooks || 5’7”|| PG|| ’23 || Providence commit
If I am not mistaken, Kendall Eddy’s 23 points in last night’s win vs. Groton is her third straight 20-point effort to start the season. Her efforts in the most recent game ended in a victory. Just in time for the Nickerson Tournament that Eddy owned a season ago. Brooks has one in the win column, Eddy is in a rhythm, and maybe this starts a little streak for Brooks. Kendall Eddy is back!

Christina Psarros || St. Francis Prep || 6’1”|| PF|| ’25
Psarros posted one of the most impressive all-around stat lines I saw this week. Against Nazareth, she put up 29 points, 6 rebounds, and 4 assists. I checked out the game highlights, and Psarros was killing it! She was sniping corner threes, making smart decisions in transition, and attacking the basket strongly. She has good mobility at her size and is a major inside/out threat.

Maddie DiNatali || Lauralton Hall || PG/SG|| 5’7”|| ’25
A theme this week has been double-doubles, and DiNatali was another prospect who secured one. DiNatali’s rebounding efforts are impressive as a smaller guard, allowing Lauralton to play her at the 3. She hit a clutch shot and took a charge late in the 4th to help her team get a season-opening win.