Bash’s ‘23 Pyramid: Tier 4

Bash’s ‘23 Pyramid: Tier 4

My New England class of ’23 Tier 4 consists of players who I consider top 15- top 20 ceiling caliber players. I think a couple of them can jump to a higher tier based on their team situation and level of responsibilities. For more information about my Pyramid system:

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Below are the 9 players who make up Tier 4:

Graphic: Indi DelRocco

Jayda Johnson || Commitment: Boston College

School: Hamden Hall

Pos. SG

Jayda Johnson/Photo: Produced4Soul

Part of the reason I spend days traveling to different schools to watch open gym sessions is to focus on specific players in a different setting. When I went to Hamden Hall, I got to hone in on Jayda Johnson and pick up on parts of her game that the film doesn’t show. First, her size and three-point shooting ability rival only a few in the region. Johnson’s footwork and body control were other characteristics of her game that separated her from wings in the class. She is smooth with the ball and plays on both sides of the ball. Her length comes into effect when jumping passing lanes and protecting the rim.  

Selina Monestime || Commitment: U Albany

School: Framingham 

Pos. SG/SF

Selina Monestime/Photo: Juliette Tarsa

Selina Monestime’s shot-creating against good defense and rebounding is what stands out when watching her. She had a good spring and summer with MCW, and every time I watched her against elite competition during the live period, she was one of the most impactful players on the court. Monestime is tough as nails and a physical two-way player. 

Tegan Young || Commitment: Manhattan 

School: Lawrence Academy

Pos: SF

Tegan Young/Photo: Dev McDonald

Tegan Young has always been underrated, in my opinion. She is a killer on offense, and her offensive game translates against the best teams/ prospects in the area. She has shown the handle, footwork, and shooting ability from all three levels to get her shot off and is excellent at finishing through contact and getting to the free-throw line. Young’s 6’1” frame and inside/ out versatility makes her a matchup nightmare. 

Sheyenne Swain-Price || Commitment: Temple

School: Dexter-Southfield

Pos: PF/C

Sheyenne Swain-Price/ Photo: Produced4Soul

With PG Orlagh Gormley transferring to Dexter-Southfield, the number of open looks Sheyenne Swain-Price will get are limitless. She has already proved her dominance in the paint and on the offensive glass, but playing with one of the region’s best ’24 point guards will only enhance that. Swain-Price is also a great post-passer. She makes great reads on the block, is unselfish, and is willing to make the extra pass. 

Kayana Armbrister || Commitment: Florida Atlantic University

School: Dexter-Southfield 

Pos: SF

Kayana Armbrister/ Photo: Siobhan Reardon

One of the most athletic and dynamic players in transition, Kayana Armbrister is must-see on the break. Like Swain-Price, Armbrister should see a lot more scoring opportunities with Orlagh Gormley setting the table. Armbrister is also an intimidating defender whose mere presence results in loud rejections and missed field goals from the opposition. Dexter will be a scary team to go up against this winter.  

Jami Hill ||Commitment: College of Charleston 

School: St. Andrews

Pos:  SG/SF

Jami Hill/Photo: Juliette Tarsa

From the Prime Event East at Spooky Nook to now, I have seen Jami Hill elevate her game to the next level. I like her versatility; she can be impactful from the perimeter and high post. Hill’s playmaking from inside the arc is where she is at her best. She has the strength, power, and explosion to go through defenders and is a good standstill jump shooter. Hill also can defend 1-5. 

Aislinn Gibson || Commitment: UMaine

School: Tilton 

Pos: SF

Aislinn Gibson/Photo: Meredith Ryan

Aislinn Gibson doesn’t have to score to be a high-impact player. Her high motor, active hands on defense, and rebounding are things Gibson does to help her team win. Last winter, she was imperative in Tilton’s press defense and made momentum-changing plays. Gibson sprints to spots, can hit transition three-pointers, and will do all the dirty work for the team. 

Sierra Carson || Commitment: Dartmouth 

School: Oxford Hills 

Pos: PG

Sierra Carson/Photo: Meredith Ryan

Sierra Carson developed into one of the more efficient scoring point guards over the spring and summer and proved it against top competition. She has a knack for getting to the basket and the free-throw line. Carson also has been automatic from three. A gritty competitor, Carson, at times, has played top 5 point guard level basketball in multiple events throughout the past few months. 

Julie Bahati || Commitment: St. John’s 

School: Springfield Central 

Pos: PF

Julie Bahati/ Photo:Produced4Soul

Another intimidating defender in the ’23 class, Julie Bahati, is someone you think twice about before attempting a shot at the rim. She patrols the paint as well as anyone and has the athleticism, recovery speed, and awareness to be a reliable shot blocker on the weak side. Bahati is hard to contain in the open court and exposes slower forwards in transition with hard rim runs.

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