Bash Fashion: Ep 1. The Her Hoops Store

Bash Fashion: Ep 1. The Her Hoops Store

Need help shopping around in the Her Hoops New Balance store? Not sure what to purchase? Don’t worry, this episode of “Bash Fashion” will tell you everything you need to know about our apparel catalog! 

Let’s rip the runway with Bash Hoops: Fashion Extraordinaire.

Let’s kick (a little pun) things off with 5 Favs!

  1. Backpack 
  2. Black Hoodie
  3. Light Blue Two Wxy V2
  4. Pink Two Wxy Low
  5. Relentless Performance Fleece

The backpack isn’t really my “favorite” item in the store, but it’s the most needed in my life. The bag I have now STINKS! I 100% am going to fire it off into the sun when my NB backpack hits my doorstep. First, it’s a “Shell Tech” bag (long story about why I even am associated with Shell Gas’s technology department), so it is the furthest thing from basketball. Second, the straps always break off; therefore, I spend most of the day futzing around with the straps whenever I need to make moves. Ok, I just needed to vent. Moving along.

In a world where my backpack is Bash-approved, the black Her Hoops hoodie is a runaway #1 pick. It really isn’t even close. There is Nothing comfier than throwing on the pullover hoodie this time of year. A fit for all occasions! Morning runs, evening fire pits, lazy football Sunday’s. It doesn’t matter where you are black hoodies are always a safe choice and even safer with the Her Hoops logo slapped on front. ( Shameless plug but not really since this is sort of the point of the article.)

Let’s get into the fun stuff! The kicks. These light blue two wxy’s belong in the New Balance Hall of Fame. I absolutely love these. The color, design, and I have so many fits that go with these shoes, so *add to cart. The only issue is that you can’t break these out once it gets cold and we get snow. Between the slush and gross sand covering every inch of the ground the next few months, we are better off tucking these puppies away until Live Period. 

More shoes! When I pulled up to BC and saw the players rocking these pink two wxy’s, it was a no-brainer. I’m a vibrant-color shoe guy. So sign me up for a pair of pink kicks, especially when the weather gets nice. These scream “Spooky Nook in July,” but I might have to break them in well before then. 

Does this fleece come in men’s? Asking for a friend because I’m sorry this zip-up is immaculate. This is the classic “it’s July the air conditioning is obnoxiously blasting in the gym and it feels like we are in an igloo” sweatshirt. I need this in a navy blue though.

For some items, I have to throw the “challenge flag.” I am not saying I dislike these pieces of apparel, but I just want to go to the booth and review it, that’s all. Here we go:

I actually remember this Patriots game like it was yesterday. Ah yes the good ol’ days when we had a QB who understood how to get the ball in the endzone.

I don’t think this shirt is giving what New Balance wanted it to give. This is… different. The dark lettering on the purple shirt is such a wild move that I lowkey want one to see how ridiculous it looks. I won’t judge a book by its cover and will go ahead and grab one and hope for the best? Could be a vibe. Or it could just be an all time fail.

The Kawhi’s. Ugh, I have a love/hate relationship with these shoes. I think they are cool shoes, but man, they make my feet hurt. There is nothing worse than your dogs barking especially when your job consists of standing and walking. I buy Kawhi’s just to be like “ hey guys I have the new Kawhi’s” (100% did not mean to go Dr. Seuss there) with no intention of actually wearing them.

Me after walking around Spooky Nook in Kawhi’s for 12+ hours

That wraps up episode 1 of Bash Fashion. After reading these hot fashion takes, I know everyone is rushing to the store to grab a backpack and a purple tee shirt. 


The full store link is below.