Bash Blog: Fly like an Eagle

Bash Blog: Fly like an Eagle

Since I’ve been covering women’s basketball, one of the coolest moments happened earlier this week when I got invited to sit in on Boston College’s practice. Evaluating players at a Power 5 school in a practice setting was a tremendous learning experience. I appreciate Head Coach Joanna McNamee and the BC staff for having me. 

The size and speed are the two things that jump out at you when observing. BC’s smallest player, no exaggeration, might be 5’8”, and their frontline is all over 6ft. The intensity during drills and the amount of concentration needed to complete every one correctly showed the level of talent and mental toughness you need to survive in that environment. Even the vernacular used by the coaches was next level, and I had a page of notes on new terms alone, making me one of the biggest students in the gym. 

Per usual, I had to drop a few favs on Twitter, and this was the first college edition! (New England natives might be very familiar with a couple of these names.) 

  1. Taina Mair || G || Fr.
  2. Ally VanTimmeren || F|| So.
  3. Kayla Lezama || G/F || Fr.
  4. Andrea Daley || G|| So.
  5. T’Yana Todd || G || Fr

It was great seeing Taina Mair (Fr.) and Kayla Lezama (Fr.) on the court together. I am used to seeing them competing against one another, so you cannot help but be excited seeing them as teammates. They have taken their game up a notch since high school, which sounds crazy, considering how elite they were just a winter ago in the NEPSAC. They look quicker, stronger and have transitioned smoothly to the next level. Mair, in particular, is just unbelievable at times. I thought her facilitation and decision-making in the halfcourt were excellent. I am used to Mair going out and being the primary scoring option, so I liked seeing her responsibility be orchestrating and quarterbacking the offense. 

I’m excited to see Mair paired with T’Yana Todd (Fr.) in the backcourt for the Eagles. They are young, explosive, and dynamic, and their skill sets mesh well. 

The two sophomores who stood out were Ally VanTimmeren and Andrea Daley. Both are the ultimate competitors and never took a possession off. I liked the energy and vibe they brought to the environment. VanTimmeren’s motor is second to none. She was flying around the court, taking charges left and right; By far one of the toughest players I have seen. She never shied away from contact and battled down low throughout the day.

Quick note: This isn’t basketball related, but I want to hit on how beautiful the Chestnut Hill area is. Despite living so close, I haven’t been around BC  in a while.  It is still one of the most gorgeous campuses in the city.