Stock Riser: Ellis Island

Stock Riser: Ellis Island

Name: Vanessa Ellis

School/AAU: Attleboro/Team Sims

Ht: 5’10’’

Pos: F

YOG: 2025

Quick Note: I first was introduced to Vanessa Ellis the last week of July Live Period at Spooky Nook. She is all power and strength all the time and defenses take a beating trying to guard her. I love bigs like Ellis who might be a tick undersized but makes up for it with brute force around the rim and on the glass. She is terrifying coming at you full speed.
Back in my Xbox days, I use to play Madden and there was a “hit stick” button. Whenever you pressed it on defense you would lay an earth shattering tackle on the opponent. Every time Vanessa Ellis drives to the basket she presses the “B” button on the control and unleashes the hit sick and scores effortlessly. Vanessa Ellis is the Human Hit Stick.

Ok nickname alert! I think I am on to something with the “Human Hit Stick” tag. Let me put that one in the moniker crockpot and let that marinate for a minute. I think we are on to something there.